The #1 Conversion Killer in Your Copy (And How to Beat It) by Sonia Simone

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Aloha.  Seth Godin’s blog turned me onto this blog post by Sonia Simone on about how to convert lookers into buyers on your website.

Here are some excerpts:

What makes people almost buy? What makes them get most of the way there, then drop out of your shopping cart at the last second? What makes them stare at your landing page, wanting what you have to offer, and yet, ultimately, close the page and move on to something else? (Her answer: Fear!)

… (How to overcome your visitors’ fear?) Trustworthiness, transparency, credible authority, lots of high-value content, and just plain old decency are your best weapons.

Everything on your site needs to show that you can be trusted. Real contact information. Showing your photograph. Displaying seals for anti-hacker technology and the Better Business Bureau on your shopping cart. FAQs that actually answer questions. Clear, reassuring calls to action.

Every detail matters. Even things like hosting your site on your own domain, or how frequently you post. Everything you do needs to build trust and kill the troll.

Great advice.  Thanks Sonia!

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